Saturday, 25 August 2007

Deadly waste incinerators on the rise

Ninety incinerators are planned to be built in the UK to address the shortage of landfill space available, or be it our land is full up with rubbish and now we are going to burn our waste. Unfortunately the European Commission has classified these incinerators which get rid of waste and produce energy as "recycling". Of course, producing energy from our waste is not the only thing these incinerators do...they are truly toxic and pollute our air making us very sick. Those living in a 15-mile radius of an incinerator can count on having their lives shortened by up to 12 years! Dr. Dick van Steenis, a toxicologist, has studied these incinerators and the damage on human health for many years and says that the building of an incinerator such as one planned for Newhaven, for example, will cause an alarming 480% increase in cancer within 20 years due to its emissions. That is not to mention the "sky high" rates of infant mortality, asthma, autism and heart attacks for those living nearby a plant.

Shouldn't we urgently be thinking of decreasing the amount of rubbish we produce rather than becoming ill in order to be able to continue consuming and producing as much rubbish?

source = The Ecologist, September 07 issue.

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